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Lease Contract

Creating Lease Contract

A lease contract is the same as the lease agreement. It reveals the content of the agreement between the owner of the property or landlord and the tenant. The cover of the contract is very large such as for apartment, house, vehicle, equipment, land, and others. Here, the discussion of the lease contract agreement covers the common requirement. It implies you can use it for all kinds of rent. Why you need it? It will guarantee the condition of the property after the tenant uses it.

Inclusion and Conditions in a Lease Contract

Each person must understand the inclusion and the condition before making something.  The function is to ease the burden when you draft. Definitely, it includes the rent contract such as below:

  • Property Description: Informs about the location and size of the property clearly.
  • Renters: Inform the names of landlords, tenants and lessors and tenants.
  • Date and Termination: Lists the date of the lease and the conditions that can invalidate the effectiveness of the agreement.
  • Security Deposit: Informs the payment nickname to prospective occupants.
  • Rental Conditions: Refer to the method of payment and order.
  • Occupants: List the names of residents or members who will use the property.
  • Repair and Damage: Residents have responsibility for the damage they cause.
  • Entry Right: A rental contract that must state the owner can enter and inspect the property. However, the implementation must be with legitimate and reasonable notification in advance to the lessee.
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Steps to Write the Contract

Below are the steps to make the contract:

  1. Write a title on the top of the paper such as “Residential Rental”.
  2. Check more details of all parties in the contract. You must know the list of names of owners, tenants, addresses and their contact information.
  3. Give a description and clear conditions about assets and property and assets.
  4. Write the start date of the lease, end date, day, week, and month.
  5. Mention all fund information such as accounts and other provisions.
  6. Inform about the responsibility for repairs and maintenance of the property during the lease period.

In fact, making a business contract is a serious matter. The lease contracts are documents that contain laws so that they need careful and thorough preparation

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