Prepare the Best Roommate Agreement and Welcome them warmly

Roommate Agreement

Prepare the Best Roommate Agreement

Staying alone at the apartment or dorm is not a good idea, sometimes. You have to cover everything yourself such as rental and maintenance costs. On the other hand, you might be loneliness because no one can listen to your sharing directly. Okay, use the roommate agreement to find the best people at home (include apartment and dorm). However, ask it to your own before you do of you can check the rental agreement first. In case, the landlord does not mind to this idea, write your roommate lease agreement soon. Then, submit this agreement to prospective tenants.

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9 Base Point to write the Roommate AgreementĀ 

Have you ever watched a Sherlock Holmes series? At that time, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) was looking for a roommate to share the payment. Finally, he found John Watson (Martin Freeman) and being his good friend. Certainly, you can get a good friend like him with applying these 9 base points:

  1. Amount of money
  2. Security deposit or the amount of security deposit
  3. Amount of additional costs for utility needs
  4. Division of space such as bedrooms, living rooms and more
  5. The solution when your friend tries to get out before the rental period ends.
  6. Rules for permitting guests to stay and guests can stay long.
  7. The rules for sharing food are shared or self-dependent.
  8. The division of labor involves being responsible for the duties of each individual.
  9. A quiet hour means extra time other than what the owner has already worn.
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Roommate Agreement differs from the Lease

Obvious, this agreement differs from the lease between you and your landlord. They only must know about your desire to add a friend. However, you are the part who have full authority to make the agreement. When your tenant stops before maturity, you still have to pay the rent as the initial agreement. There is no legal bond to this second type of rental

Certainly, staying together makes you living more alive and fun. Your rental and homework costs become lighter too. Therefore, learn from the friendship of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson but do not forget to prepare the best roommate agreement .

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